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Delicate by Xcetera

This is my fist proper critique so bear with me.
I really like the concept of the shot, the title 'Delicate' and the picture itself are quite interesting but the four lines giving context that you posted with it actually made it for me.
"just a little tension
a little
but you pulled at my heartstrings
and i felt you there"
Without that I don't think it would have had anywhere near the impact, there's not really anything in the photo to link the delicate and the strings to anything to do with the heart. Would love to see something like the same photo with a little more space to the left hand side in which you could insert those lines? Just an idea, I'm sure you could come up with better though.
I love the focus on the twined string rather than the girl, or even the hand. However I can't help but feel that maybe it is cropped a little to much? Lining up the right side with the edge of the dress so that it doesn't cut the dress off would be a nice touch, just to frame the girl nicely. Also the top cut might work a little better just a tad higher so that you get more of the roundness of the breast adding a small sensual aspect to the theme?
The lighting is quite good although a little more light on the hand and strings and a little less on the dress could balance it a bit better, I say that because the brightness of the light on the dress seems to pull my eyes a little away from the centre of the shot which is where the meaning lies.
Nice use of colour and the cream dress (colour and style) is cute, gives me the impression of age in the sense of not 21st century which is nice when added to the concept of heart strings, like subtly saying that this feeling isn't new.
On that topic I think a lot of people can relate "and I felt you there." this is a really subtle but cute way of portraying it. And a really nice metaphor. Again would love to see that included in the shot somehow, it would be a shame for people to glance at the picture, see a relatively nice shot but then move on without realising the meaning behind it.

The only major downside I can think of would be the other lines in the back ground (Other strings crossing behind the girl?) that kind of make the background a bit to busy and draw your eyes away from the focal point. I think removing those would make the image just that little bit more clean and pure, alternatively if there is meant to be symbolism in them (?) maybe add a few more so it looks like the girl is in a forest of strings and only tweaking one? I don't know, food for thought.

Love the photo and even more so the concept behind it. I think it's abstract ideas like that, that makes good photography. Nice light touch in a non assuming environment making a little tug at a string that might make no impact in the long run.. Or a Massive one!

Great work!
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Xcetera Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the feedback, you've given me quite a bit to think about :nod:
m00tle Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
No problem! Thanks for provoking me into writing it haha.
As I said really cool concept :)
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